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Why Sleep Is Integral To YOUR LIFE

October 3, 2012


Sleep is so important in a human being’s life. It does not require 8 hours of life for an optimal rest for no reason. Sleep is the time when the body repairs itself. More than the repairing function, however, it is also the time when it reconsolidates the body’s “command center,” the brain. Do you […]

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Why Diabetic Me Needs Vi-Shape

September 10, 2012


I used to be a Herbalife user before I quit the program and just decided to eat real food. Even though it was admittedly hard to stay on the program, I would have to say that it was fun while it lasted. It was fun to replace meals and make a game of what I […]

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Why My Virtual Assistant Self Needs Meal Replacement Products

September 6, 2012

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Let me get this straight: I’m not really into meal replacements for health reasons. I’m diabetic, but I’m not really watching my health, just yet. I’m into meal replacement products because of my virtual assistant lifestyle. The virtual assistant’s lifestyle is practically lived in front of the computer: you answer new work/project inquiries via email, […]

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Live Healthier, Live Wealthier!

August 30, 2012


We take a break from the MLM discussions to talk about something that’s truly a component of the Live Wealthier Lifestyle: Health. While the American employee is inclined to want to work more in order to earn more to keep afloat, or else to prove himself worthy of keeping his job and avoid retrenchment, those […]

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