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MLM 101 Part 2: Characteristics That I Believe An MLM Should Have

September 10, 2012


The other week, I discussed my personal foray into the multi-level marketing business. I said that it wasn’t one of my chief interests, and that, in fact, I had some degree of aversion towards it. However, after discovering Diamond Lifestyle Corporation, I was hooked. Mind you, I am in no capacity as hooked as Robert […]

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Why My Virtual Assistant Self Needs Meal Replacement Products

September 6, 2012

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Let me get this straight: I’m not really into meal replacements for health reasons. I’m diabetic, but I’m not really watching my health, just yet. I’m into meal replacement products because of my virtual assistant lifestyle. The virtual assistant’s lifestyle is practically lived in front of the computer: you answer new work/project inquiries via email, […]

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MLM 101: My Thoughts And Minor Foray Into Multi-Level Marketing

August 29, 2012


Multi-level marketing (MLM) has had such a bad rap over the years. If someone joined an MLM and starts to promote the business like a fiend, chances are, friends and family will start avoiding them like the plague. However, some people actually join MLM’s and make a successful part-time income source, or even a full-time […]

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