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Writing, Outsourced Services And E-commerce

April 19, 2013


By Lila Villa There are plenty of ways to engage in e-commerce depending on your interest, skills and resources. You can trade physical products, retail/distribute digital downloads or outsource services. ┬áJay Castillo did a brilliant job of bringing real estate to the level of e-commerce through his website for foreclosures and auctions. Which just goes […]

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Franchise: A Business Option For Would-Be Entrepreneurs

October 31, 2012


A good majority of us would love to create a way to have an income stream that would help pay for the bills, feed the retirement fund, even the emergency fund. So for the would-be entrepreneur, options for the venture should be lined up. In the US, technology startups and virtual offices are all the […]

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The Humble Soup Stall: A Story Of The Filipino Dream

September 24, 2012

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The Filipino survivor’s spirit is truly worth admiring. How many stories have we heard, or even told, of parents working hard selling fish, managing a “sari-sari store” or home-based mini-mart, just to put their kids through school and give them a different, better future? If the American Dream is the “Freedom to receive and act […]

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