The Legal Wife

The Legal Wife

There’s a craze sweeping across the Philippine archipelago, and even among Filipinos abroad. After all the feel-good and light, happy dramas that Philippine primetime has been producing, comes a hardcore, very current and very relevant story: The Legal Wife.

Many a Filipina wife can relate to the pain and the drama of dealing with a husband’s infidelity. Many a Filipino husband can resonate with the groveling, the pain and the anger of losing a family due to a mistake or an iniquity — a mistake done over and over and over again. And many a reckless Filipina girl out for adventure, or survival, can probably relate to being “the other woman.”

In short, ABS-CBN’s teleserye writers have found a winning formula once more, and it got the whole country, and the Filipinos abroad, glued to the boob tube.

Prior to this very early Saturday morning, I was so “blah” and “meh” about the whole thing. I mean, the last time I took up a teleserye or telenovela habit was back in college, and it was Lovers In Paris, a Koreanovela at that. But as I was checking my email, YouTube had sent me a list of trending Pinoy videos, and a teaser of a The Legal Wife episode was included.

This was the video that caught my attention:


And so, I decided to look for a whole episode:


The rage of the teaser is a little too dramatic for real life, but amplified emotions are such as what characterizes the Filipino’s taste in entertainment.

To be honest, I will have to say that I am so reluctant to join this craze. I take pride on my offbeat tastes and in my I-really-am-NOT-interested-in-following-the-crowd demeanor, but the full episode really did impress me.

Due to my personal state of (romantic) affairs, I’m actually pretty well-versed on the annulment law in the Philippines. Yes, the lawyer in this episode is VERY correct: Annulments are really tough on the Filipino’s pocket, and it IS a tough process to go through. Yes, they really DO resort to the “Psychological Incapacity” catch-all clause, and while it still works, there are a few things I learned lately that really get me riled up on the Philippine Constitution:

  • Because of the fact that the Psychological Incapacity grounds for annulment has been overused, a legal counsel we consulted informed me that courts in Metro Manila actually automatically junk this cause.
  • Because of that phenomenon, there is a common, rampant practice of “The Package Annulment.” This is an annulment practice wherein the plaintiff is billed for the whole process of annulment, INCLUDING THE BRIBE TO THE JUDGE.
  • Thankfully, some lawmakers DO THINK, and the taxes that taxpayers pay the government ARE REALLY WORTH IT, as one member of the legislative body finally realized how unfair our legislative, legal and justice system are towards the broken Filipino Family: Loren Legarda is currently proposing better grounds for annulment, fairer grounds for annulment, that are much-needed. Read it HERE.

On the boob tube, we empathize with Angel Locsin (as Monica) as she grapples with the angst of being the scorned, while we grit our teeth, wishing ill (and probably wishing we can personally hurt) Maja Salvador as Nicole, the other woman.

I, for one, admire Monica’s decision to just give way and consider cutting ties, so that she and Adrian, the possibly soon-to-be ex-husband, played by Jericho Rosales, can finally live new lives in freedom.

But it’s not yet the last episode, so we’ll see what comes of that.

In real life, however, I hope that the Roman Catholic Church will realize that a sizable demographic of marriages need to cut strings. It’s the only way that families can be whole again — with happier parents in blended setups.

While we idealize the thought that parties can be together, forever, in holy wedded bliss, sadly, not every couple can weather the storms and the daily abrasions of two people trying to make a relationship work. Yes, it is daily hard work, and it takes commitment and sheer, pure, grit to make FOREVER. But sometimes, sometimes, the best way to heal is just to walk away and start anew.

But this is me and my personal perspective. My story fits the demographic that needs to start anew. For most families, for most marriages that face these storms, of course, by all means, it would be great if they can reconcile and be made whole again. 

Meanwhile, abangan ang susunod na kabanata sa The Legal Wife!

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