Life Isn’t Linear, So Go Chase Your Dreams!

May 23, 2014

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Life Isn't Linear, So Go Chase Your Dreams!


As a kid, I used to think of life as a linear process: You go to elementary school, graduate, go to high school, graduate, get to college, graduate, go to work. Or, you may want to get higher learning as you work. Or, in the case of Medical School, get a degree before you work. As I listened to other people talk, as I listened to my parents talk, I realized that a lot of us think of life in those terms: Completely linear. As other people would put it, de-kahon, or boxed in. We think of life either as a timeline, or with parts that we can clearly label and then stuff into boxes. Because of this, a lot of us may have big, wonderful, game-changing dreams…

…But we never pursue them.

Once in a while, I read of 60-year-olds who finally go and get a college degree, simply because it’s a long-held dream. Or I hear of a friend who goes and gets an M.D. in his 40’s. Or, I remember Steve Jobs, who never finished college, but went on to change the world of technology, and impact almost everyone on the planet. And I smile and realize that I can do whatever I want with my life. As long as I have the capacity to dream, as long as I’m a long way away from 70, I can make a step towards my dreams.

In my last years in college, I had one major thought: I was raring to get out of school, so I can unlearn. Unlearn the things that I was used to believing, and learn a better perspective towards life.

I’m not sure whether I’ve achieved that specific goal, but if there’s anything I learned between my graduation in 2007 and now, it’s that:

  • Life is not lived in a linear fashion.
  • If you feel like you have to drop out of school just to find yourself, you can negotiate with your parents for that; but face the consequences. You may have to get a job to support yourself.
  • If you have dreams, don’t hesitate to take the steps to achieve them. Don’t ever think that your age will stop you. If you must, then go get that degree!

Life nowadays is so fluid. And there’s just so much access to information, that you can shape your life the way you want to, and have all the resources you need at your fingertips. It’s easier to study, easier to research, and easier to buy rare books that you need for your school, work, career, or personal pursuits. There is no limit to what you can do with yourself, and what you can learn. And because of this, it’s way easier to get to where you want or need to go.

So, do you have a dream? Don’t let anything stop you. We’re at an era where anything’s possible. So go ahead and re-engineer your life. 😉

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