Live With A Deadline

May 20, 2014

Life Lessons

Live Like You're Dying

When you have a deadline for something, you get pressured and you work your butt off to beat that deadline. If only the rest of life works that way.

Most of us live life as if we’re going to live forever. So we never really say what we want to say, much less, what we NEED to say. So most of us die never really communicating what we believe in. Most of us hit our deathbeds unable to tell the ones that we love that we really love them. Most of us live our last days with regret, because we never milked each day for what it’s worth.

A good majority of us work ourselves to death. Then, to soothe our battered hearts, we keep buying toys, until all that defines us is that quip:

“He who dies with the most toys wins.”

But not really. Nobody wins with a life lived venerating things and using people.

While there is a way to enjoy alone time in a healthy way, no man is an island. At some points, we all need other people, not just to brighten up our days, but also to share life with.

It’s just the way we’re wired. We were built to want to share life with others.

But that’s debatable. So let’s do a little self-awareness experiment, shall we?


The Little Self-Awareness Experiment

Have two separate weeks trying out  two different paradigms. The first week, work on enjoying life by yourself. Then the second week, try spending time, building relationships with the people you care about the most.

Alone Time: “Me Week”

Go golfing, alone. Shoot a few rounds at a shooting range, alone. Go to an amusement park and enjoy the rides, the candy, the popcorn, the hotdogs, alone. Try new restaurants, order takeout and enjoy the food by yourself. Go to a spa and get pampered, and don’t bring a friend. In short, plan a whole week where you just enjoy everything by yourself. Then, at the end of the week, take notes about how you feel.

Build Relationships: Happy Together

Now change gears. After that week of doing everything by yourself and “enjoying” life by yourself, plan a week where every free time would be spent with someone you love. Sunday, hang out with your parents. Monday, have dinner with your significant other. Tuesday, with your best gal pal. Wednesday, with your best guy pal. Thursday, find one favorite teacher who still lives in the same city that you do. Friday, have a date with your grandma. And Saturday, take out at least two nieces or nephews for an afternoon at an amusement park or the mall.

At the end of the week, take notes about how you feel.

Which week brought you more joy? Which week left you feeling more fulfilled?

If you tried this self-awareness experiment, let us know in the comments, message us on Facebook, or email us at We look forward to hearing from you! 🙂


The backstory of this “Living With A Deadline” Epiphany: The reason why I thought to write this post for today is that, I had recently made a decision to work on what I felt was my destiny, more than being a VA. This decision means that I have to go back to my hometown, Iloilo City, and live a few years there again. Iloilo City is around 4 hours away from Kalibo, Aklan, by bus. So, if I need to relocate to Iloilo, it’s practically another life lived anew.

Because of this decision and impending relocation, I realized I only have around 10 months more here in Kalibo. And because of the understanding that I only have limited time left,  I’ve resolved to spend more time with the people I care about here in Kalibo, rather than vegetating and playing my online and offline PC games. I decided that I won’t let my last 10 or so months pass me by without growing roots into people’s hearts. If I’m going to be back home in Iloilo City by next year, I will have to cherish my last months in this town, by spending time with the people who made my stay here a meaningful one.

Having a deadline of around 10 or so months woke me up from my social and relational lethargy and self-centeredness. Having a deadline made me realize that I should always live this way: Purposefully, Deliberately, and Choosing What Counts.

For me, what counts, what is valuable, are the people around me. The people I love. The people I care about and who have cared about me as well. So I shall spend my last days in this town, making time for them.


I’m not sure which of the two paradigms make you feel more fulfilled: Living and enjoying life alone, or enjoying life with the people you love. But when you’ve figured out which of the two paradigms satisfy you the most, then live life with more of the paradigm you realize you like best. That way, you’ll have no regrets when you go.

Just bear in mind that a solitary life may never leave a legacy, unless you create work that outlives you. And that either paradigm will be meaningless, unless you live it with eternity in mind.


Hope this piece gives you something to chew on. Meanwhile, enjoy the anthem for getting the most out of life, in the music video below. 🙂 Happy Tuesday, LiveWealthier friends! 🙂

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