Thoughtful Thursday, Strategic Planning For Your Personal Life, And A Reminder To ENJOY

June 6, 2014

Life Lessons


It’s a Friday, and while I have a productivity hack I wanted to share, IT’S FRIDAY and it’s time for y’all (and me, too) to think of winding down for the weekend. So let’s reserve the productivity hack for next week. πŸ™‚

Today, though, I share three things:

“Thoughtful Thursday.” For all his masa appeal, Vice Ganda sure makes sense a lot of the time. I do watch his movies, and I do love his wicked sense of humor, though at times, I find that it’s too insulting. But yesterday, he dropped a gem of a suggestion:

Instead of just “Throwback Thursday,” as the social media meme and theme suggests, why don’t we do “Thoughtful Thursday”? Like, greet a loved one, or show appreciation for them?

So how about a Thoughtful Thursday next week, eh? πŸ™‚

And while you’re at it, how about just doing a random, no-meme “I love you” for your mom or dad? Why not do both? Just for the feels, yo! πŸ˜€


Strategic Planning. “Ugh, another big productivity word,” you may be thinking. Well, hear me out and let me explain. This is not about work, I promise.

Remember those lists we make every start of the year? Well, whether it’s a list of resolutions to change things in our lives, or a list of goals and dreams to achieve for the year, or, for Christian folk, “Faith Goals,” that concept is actually very similar to strategic planning. At work, we do strategic planning so that our projects will progress at a definite pace, in a definite direction, and will achieve company goals. And ultimately, turn a profit. But I wonder why we don’t do more of this in our personal lives. Ever wonder why most of us face so much drama then just go through life in a series of chaos after chaos? (Sounds so familiar. Oh wait, sounds like my life. xD) I figured out that last night, it’s because we really don’t have a strategic plan for what we’d like to happen to our lives.

Yeah, I have one for my personal life. But we don’t have one for my lovelife.


Why yes. I realized that while yelling at my boyfriend/fiance/personal slave last night. When I moved to Boracay then to Kalibo in 2011, we just managed chaos after chaos, and we’re still in some form of chaos.

Yes, I’m tired. I’m sure he’s tired-er. So I yelled at reminded him that, apparently, we don’t have a plan forΒ “us.”

My life is about to go into the next stage, as I’ve had it in my head for years (Medical School, yay), but it was earlier than I expected, earlier than I planned. I don’t mind, as long as it’s still a goal I have had. I’m both Obsessive-Compulsive/Perfectionistic, and yet Flexible, like that.

But I realize, he and I need a strategic plan for us.


Whatever you do, ENJOY. It’s a stressful moment at work and you stop to breathe and then it hits you that the coffee you made is REALLY GOOD. It’s an hour you steal for yourself as you take a break from your mommy duties and you go off to sip tea and read a few pages of a book. Or just read. For me, it’s a sunrise. Or a sunset. Or chewing on tamarind gummy candy that’s surprisingly pleasant. Or the cool wind of the midnight air that’s a relief from the steam of the afternoon air. Simple pleasures. I’m reminding you to enjoy them. πŸ™‚


Have a lovely Friday morning, LiveWealthier friends! πŸ™‚

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