Lifehacks: Things We’ve Been “Doing Wrong” For The Most Part

June 27, 2014



We take a break from the usual introspective posts that I publish on here, to give you a few videos that changed my perspective on the way we do things in daily life:

10 Things You’ve been Doing Wrong Everyday:


10 Life Hacks Every College Student Should Know:


You’ve Been Cooking Eggs Wrong Everyday:


And oh. If you need to know one more way to “awesome-ify” eggs and bacon (or ham), try this one for size:

This Guy Started With A Slice Of Bread. What He Turned It Into? Beyond Awesome.

My friend Julie made her version, and it looked absolutely delicious. 🙂

The Scientific Way To Cut A Cake:


These videos made me re-realize that there are a hundred ways to skin a cat, and we’ve been frying our eggs wrong in so many ways.

In fact, here’s one more way to cook an egg that I tried, and yes, they tasted rather awesome:


Though, I just shook the eggs in my hands, and I did get a couple of eggs to get as thoroughly scrambled as the ones I saw in the video, because they were rather old eggs and the yolks broke up easier. Next time, I’ll try it like the YouTube publisher NightHawkInLight showed in his video.

Hope you had fun learning new ways to do daily things. One thing I hope to remember to do is to open my bags of chips like the CrazyRussianHacker/Taras Kul suggested. 🙂

Have a happy Friday, LiveWealthier friends! 🙂

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