The Search For Equilibrium: There Is No Such Thing As A Drama-Free Life

July 18, 2014

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No Drama


If there’s anything ever-present in life, it’s drama. Well, some people say it’s “Change.” But for me, one thing I realize over and over, is that DRAMA is a more ever-present factor in one’s life.

I’ve mentioned a few times that I decided to make a major turn in my career and go to Med School. This year, I have to pass an exam, before I can apply for my med school of choice. In one of the review classes I’m taking, my Physics teacher said,

“One of the most important topics in Physics is Equilibrium. In fact, man’s instinct is to find Equilibrium in his life.” –Rosanna Dureza

I realized then, that this statement is true. I was frustrated with myself for the longest time: I didn’t know why I was desperate for perfect conditions in my life. I was wondering why on earth I am constantly wishing that all the drama would simply go away.

Then this statement sheds light into my personal angst, and this deep-seated compulsion. We all want it. We all wish for it. But it just isn’t happening. Not on this side of heaven.

There is no such thing as a perfect life here on earth. Empirically, the evidence is all around your own life. Even the Warren Buffets, the Steve Jobs, the Bill Gates, the Mark Zuckerbergs of this world have had to sacrifice a few things in order to get to where they got. Even Paris Hilton has her frienemies. There is no gold-lined path to perfection in this life.

This is why I wish we all could accept that very fact. The fact that there is no such thing as “perfect” on this earth. The fact that you can only attempt to figure out and follow your destiny, and give Life your best shot.

I respect OFW’s, the sacrifice that they make, to live away from friends, family and loved ones, in order to provide for those closest to their hearts. In fact, some of my dearest friends are OFW’s. And some people closest to me have found their destinies in other countries. However, sometimes, I observe friends who are itching to go abroad. They have great local jobs, they are great at what they do. In fact, it may only be a matter of time before they find success where they are at. And yet, because of the desire to prosper, the desire for those perfect conditions, I feel like these two desires are what drive them to seek employment elsewhere.

I don’t think that going abroad is the answer to every single personal problem of a Filipino. I don’t think that one can escape the drama that is in his or her life when they leave for a different land. The financial conditions may improve, but the other parts of one’s life may not radically change.

Unless it’s really the only solution, unless it is your destiny, I don’t think that getting a better job, going abroad, finding that perfect boyfriend, demanding that your parents will change, is going to create a state of equilibrium for you.

I have needed to tell myself this time and again: I will never get a perfect life here on earth. So I better make the most of what I have. If opportunities come my way, I will take them. But wherever I am at, when I am at my most comfortable best, I will work on being content with what I have.

Like I told my mom, I was at my most contented, in terms of living conditions, in my apartment in Kalibo, Aklan. I so love my apartment, that I named it “Refuge.” However, I have to sacrifice it for a greater dream. If I have to pay the price, if I have to deal with drama in order to get to my dream, I have to pay that price. I know it is worth it. I know that at the end of this pain and hard work, I will achieve not just a degree, but the license to practice my passion, which is helping people heal.

There will be no absence of drama in my life. But as long as the major bedrocks are there: A relationship with God, a great spouse-to-be, a growing relationship with my parents, a sense of purpose in what I do, then, life will be well-lived, for me.

I’m not sure what you deem your bedrocks are. But if you’re getting antsy about your life, if you’re feeling the itch to change jobs, leave the country, change boyfriends/girlfriends, ask yourself why you’re feeling restless. Ask if it’s the desire for “more,” borne out of envy or materialism, or if it’s a legitimate search for equilibrium. If you know that there are things that really do need adjustment in your life, then take courage and make the right choices. But if you’re only being antsy because of a lack of contentment, if you are getting envious with your peers, or if you’re just being greedy, then it’s time to do soul-searching.

Remember, there is no such thing as “perfect” on this earth. There will never be an absence of drama in anyone’s life, but there’s a way to live with general peace and serenity. If the right choices, or better choices need to be made, then go. Muster the courage to make them. But if, after you do a little (or a lot of) soul-searching, you find that you’re only looking for that sense of perfection and it’s not a realistic need in your life, then work on acquiring CONTENTMENT.

At the end of the day, we are dealt a certain set of cards on this earth. We can play them the best way we can. Win or lose, the point is to not have regrets, and to die knowing that you did your best and you gave this life your all.

Happy Friday, LiveWealthier friends! 🙂

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