X-Deals: Love Them Or Hate Them?

May 27, 2014

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Before there was money, there was The Barter System. People traded goods with each other, so that they would be able to have what they needed.

Bartering, in Philippine events and advertising parlance, is also called the “X-Deal.” EXchange Deal, in short.

Nowadays, I would bet that advertising and events company mavens would scoff at me as I write this post, because I personally just discovered the beauty of it, like, last night.

My Story:

I want to be able to buy Kindle textbooks for myself, as I enter the next stage of my life. However, my mom is into saving things. I may not be able to persuade her to buy the Kindle versions, as we can probably borrow paper textbooks from a few people around me.

The OC child inside me is protesting with all that I am, however.

Then I learned that Robert (yup, LiveWealthier.net’s producer, publisher and founder) needed my help on another business project, and that would be a separate project from this space.

Knowing how lax I am in my work habits, especially for LiveWealthier.net, I decided to cut a better deal for him and me: One that saves him money, while filling a need I have — I asked him to pay me in Kindle textbooks.

He said “Yes”!!!

This is the first time that I actually felt deliriously happy about X-Deals, or barters. In the past, when someone would talk to me about the concept of X-Deals, or, what is essentially a barter deal, I would cringe. Like a lot of online workers, we prefer cash, thank you.

I cringe of those stories where people pay for whole websites in X-Deals. Like, I heard of a certain RTW store that approached a rather top-grade project manager to have her build their website for them. They negotiated to pay in terms of the goods they sell, and she then turned them down.

While I personally liked the X-Deal I negotiated for myself, I could understand why my colleague turned down the offer. She is a busy mother, and coordinating a website project from concept to launch is no small deal. Plus, my friend would like to position herself as a top-notch online worker in her niche. Also, for a woman of her caliber (she’s one of the highest-paid VA’s in the industry), the offer was rather kitschy, to say the least.

So, while in her case, the X-Deal was offered in bad taste, in my case, the X-Deal works.

So, my question now is, whatever field you’re in, would you be amenable to an X-Deal?

For online workers, would you be willing to, say, create websites, or write articles, as an X-Deal? Share in the comments! 🙂

Have a happy Tuesday, LiveWealthier Pinoy! 🙂

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