Lifehack: Do The Hard Things First

July 2, 2014

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There was something useful my father taught me: When faced with assignments, work on the hardest ones first.

At the moment, I have a very unsavory but fairly-paid project on my hands. The end result, with my articles on a European website, looks awesome, actually. However, personally, it is always an ordeal before I get to writing the thing.

Thus, I devised a way to make my work shift more pleasurable: Sandwich the difficult articles with easier, pleasurable ones, or in between pleasurable activities, such as playing a tower defense game like Carrot Fantasy, Plants vs. Zombies 2, or even puzzle games like Bejeweled. Or I read in between sets. Or chat with my colleague/boss/online BFF Nica Mandigma throughout working. This way, the drudgery that is slogging through an unsavory task gets a little more bearable.

Of course I’m tempted to put the fun to-do’s first. Or to put entertainment before the task itself. But I know I have to work on the harder things first, so that I can coast, later in my shift.

I believe it translates to other worthy things in life, as well.

One thing I realized is that if we want something great, we have to pay the price for it. Like, if the career you want needs higher education, you really have to spend time and money to acquire the training you need.

Or, if you want to have properties as you grow old, then you have to make the financial sacrifices to acquire those. If you want a fat retirement fund, you have to decide as soon as you can, that you’re working on saving for your future. It may make a dent on your budget, and that may be one less toy for you to have, but if you feel that it’s worth it, you have to pay the price.

The easier route is to get what you want without paying the price: The Credit Card/Buy It Now lifestyle. A lifestyle that has held so many people captive because they were not willing to pay with the hard work first. I’m only lucky I’m currently in a career that has made applying for a credit card rather difficult. Or else, I may have joined the ranks of those burned by this culture, as well.

On the whole, my father’s advice has made sense. It helps to get over the hump of the hard stuff first. Coasting through the easier tasks later is better for one’s brain, as it winds down to rest. Coupled with the lifehack I learned from my CompSci teacher, I think these two strategies are two parts of the reason that I can finally get through a shift, swimmingly. As for the last part, I’ll share that on Friday. 🙂

Happy Hump Day, LiveWealthier Friends! 😀

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