Lifehack: Break Down Your Project Into Chunks

Break Down Your Project Into Chunks

Last week, I mentioned that there was a productivity lifehack I wanted to share with you. And since it’s still a Monday in the Western Hemisphere, and tomorrow’s a Tuesday, still one of the most work-centered days of the week, I’m finally sharing what it was about. 🙂

I got this lifehack, surprisingly, from one of those lucid moments where I was awake in a High School Computer Science class. Yes, I totally credit Sir (Jose Leo) Redoblo, our class’ 4th Year CompSci teacher, for this one.

The topic was Systems Administration, and this was probably about Project Management. And it is:

Break down your project into manageable chunks.

Why, most of you will probably tell me that “What?! But I know that already!”

Yes, fine, but to me, this is still completely GENIUS.

You see, it was probably in my 6th or 7th month as a Virtual Assistant n00b back in 2007, when it finally hit me that I get overwhelmed when I’m being given projects like writing eBooks. This lifehack is making sense to me more and more, as sometimes, I also get lost even in projects that I find pleasurable, such as website layout projects and the like.

Seeing an overwhelming project loom up on me makes me want to either play Plants vs. Zombies 2 for hours on end. Or, it makes me want to sleep and sleep and sleep.

But breaking down the project into chunks makes me feel like it’s doable, it’s something I can work on, and it’s something I can eventually finish, within a realistic time frame. 🙂

What about you? 🙂 What is one of the most sensible lifehacks you’ve come across? 🙂

Have a happy Monday/Tuesday, LiveWealthier Friends! 🙂

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