A Knock On The Upside Of My Head

bunk bed in a concentration camp

I’ve always been fascinated by the Holocaust and life in concentration camps. When I first came across an East Asian country that’s isolated and is a threat to the region, I was gripped and fascinated. There was something not only jarring and shocking about the level of isolation that breeds cannibals, but there’s something deeply haunting about a nation whose capital is practically a ghost town.

I already knew that this country was not just an isolated state, but I also knew that they exercised a weird sense take on productivity. They felt it a good use of their citizens’ time to make them train for at least 9 hours a day, just to stage field demonstrations that look like LCD TV screens in their beauty, precision and cohesiveness. They felt it a better use of their citizen’s time make them practice like that, instead of learning useful things, like critical thinking, reading, writing, and how to think scientifically.

Because I already knew that human legs and other body parts would turn out in marketplaces to be sold as meat, and how batshit-insane their pronouncements are, I already knew what to expect when I decided to read the memoirs of a defector. I expected nothing less than gore, and an expansion of what I already knew.

But I didn’t expect to learn that there were such incidents as people being rewarded for good behavior by giving them someone to marry.

So their government takes away perceived traitors, takes them to concentration camps, tears the men away from their wives, and then puts everybody into forced labor, but when, say, one of these prisoners turns out to be a guy who can work an important machine, they then reward that guy with another woman to take as his wife in that camp? What?

And then that union breeds a child who knows nothing but the vicious nature of their world.

A child whose days were filled with accusing himself of crimes he didn’t do, and then accusing others of crimes he found them do. A life of gathering frozen human dung, a life where pants grow stiff from dirt, grime, and when punished at length, urine, because there’s nowhere else to pee. A life where, that child is content to find soup on the floor, and he’s happy licking it off there. A life where corn kernels found on the ground are a treat, and where rat and snake meat compensate for a diet of corn and pickled cabbage, a diet so lacking, that the rat and snake meat actually stave off pellagra and other protein-deficiency illnesses.

I know that that description I just made there was certainly horrifying and disgusting. I’m sure you may even throw up your breakfast, lunch, or midday snack a little.

However, reading this book was an eye-opener for me. I’ve been so down and overwhelmed with my dues and responsibilities lately, that I’d been feeling like I’d really love to give up anytime soon. The only thing that was holding me together is the understanding that my parents just gave me a break and are sending me to Med School, and I can’t afford to shortcircuit or preempt that.

Reading this book was the nudge I needed: If I got it bad, then some people have it worse. In fact, some people live life that’s practically hell on earth. Good for the protagonist of the story, he was able to escape his hell. But what about the hundreds of thousands of prisoners left in the camps in that country? When will they get their relief?

Times and stories like these make me count my blessings.

More than that, these make me grieve.

Good thing that their country is on the top of the countries that I have in my heart for prayer and missions. I may not be able to smuggle people out of that country, but I can certainly pray that their misery ends soon.

Here’s to reading good books that knock you on the upside of your head in a wake-up call.


Note: If you want to know which book this is that I am reading, send us a private message at LiveWealthier on Facebook. I hesitate to post the name of the book, or the country I’m talking about, for security reasons.

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