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May 15, 2014

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I was looking for some easy reading after a very dramatic March and April, and I found Bobbie Jean Brown’s “Dirty Rocker Boys” on one of my favorite eBook apps on the Android. I’ve always preferred nonfiction to fiction, and this seemed like the perfect book to curl up to.

I was able to make headway with reading the book, even finish it today, because of a 9-hour blackout that hit my whole province, Aklan. And so, here are my thoughts on the book.

The book may have started out trashy and obsessed about sex and Hollywood gossip, especially about rock stars, but it actually has a strong message on faith and not wasting one’s life.

There are points in the book that surprised me: One was the recollection of how Bobbie Jean Brown gave birth to Taylar Lane, her daughter with Warrant’s original lead singer Jani Lane. This book is no overt testimony of a drug abuser’s way to sobriety, or to her finding God, but in the moment that she almost had a miscarriage, she had cried out to God, declaring that she won’t regret having the baby. And as she cried out loud to a God that she didn’t really say she believed in, her hemorrhage stopped.

In fact, the mere fact that Bobbie Jean Brown managed to get pregnant was a miracle in itself: She had had a radical surgery in her cervix, to stop an aggressive and advanced form of cervical cancer in her late teens. To get pregnant at all was already beating the odds.

Some readers may say that the author may have exaggerated the circumstances in which her miscarriage was averted. But for those like me who are used to, and love the existence of miracles, the account of how her hemorrhaging stopped after she called out to God, negotiating for her life and the life of her unborn child, was no doubt, a miracle.

According to that part of her story, she joined her ex-husband’s band’s tour when she was tossed off the bunk bed of the RV that they were riding in, and onto the floor. Because of the impact of the fall, plus the fact that her cervix was no longer intact or in full form because of the cancer therapy/surgery, she had that near-miscarriage.

Another theme that strikes me in the book is the theme of not wasting time, and not wasting one’s life. Bobbie Jean Brown’s stepfather and biological father died within 2 weeks of each other, for smoking-related diseases. She was distraught, even hysterical, at their deaths. She certainly communicated deep regret with losing them too soon.

She and her ex-husband Jani Lane also managed to form a new friendship later in life. Even after decades of alcoholism and drug use, they were able to get new breaks at making a living. Jani Lane, with an obscure health and fitness show, Celebrity Fit Club, and Bobbie Jean Brown with a regular job at a pet talent agency, Le Paws. Eventually, she got fired from Le Paws after yelling at her boss with an obscene name. But after she got fired, she got the opportunity to have her own reality show, the “Ex-Wives Of Rock.”

One of Jani Lane’s deepest, darkest secrets, an open secret that’s pretty common to a lot of Hollywood’s products, was unveiled in the book. Would you buy the book for that secret? I’m not sure.

But for me, the book “Dirty Rocker Boys”  is basically a story of redemption and starting anew, after how Hollywood’s glitz and glamour could bulldoze a person.

While it is a story of redemption, I still stick by my observation that the book is not explicit about transformation, and neither is it explicit about faith. It does not aim to inspire, deliberately. But through the seedy scenes of Hollywood’s aftermath, the parties, the sex, the drugs, there is one golden nugget of inspiration that I discovered in its pages:

Bobbie Jean Brown's Realizations

This book may be chock-full of big, glittery names. This book may have been written by the woman that would have been Tommy Lee’s “First Lady” had he not married Pamela Anderson on a whim. But over and above the glitz, glamour, and its seedy underbelly, is a story of another one of Life’s soujourners. I believe that while Bobbie Lee Brown may have put her story to the pen because of the prospect of royalties and perpetual income, she has also shared a great cautionary tale. She, with courage, has shared a good manual for those who may want to attempt to seek fame and fortune. She has shared a meaty manual for the pretty ladies who may think that the world owes them a favor just because they’re pretty.

And she has echoed one lesson I’d been learning, over and over: Family and Friends, RELATIONSHIPS, are the only real treasure we can have in this life.

And if that’s the only thing I can take away from this book, then yes, it would be worth the hours I spent reading it, and the $13.99 it’ll cost to get it on Kindle.

Dirty Rocker Boys

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Would I recommend this book? Absolutely! 🙂 It’s definitely better than reading a pulp fiction creation. I’d rather be stuck with this book on a stormy day than a random, badly-written Harlequin Romance book, you know? At best, I came out of reading this book with lessons learned, and wisdom reaffirmed.


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