Structure 102 Program


What Is Structure 102 Program?


Structure 102 is business feasibility and structuring. This is the execution of your own online business idea.

After FAST TRACK, eventually you may want to produce your own products, own brand and own organization. You want to become a fully integrated e-commerce site or an operational online business. Then you need the personal mentoring of Eireen Diokno-Bernardo.

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Program Description:

Structure 102 is a program of Ecommerce 102 that will help link you to the right people and/or proper institutions in the Philippines, sourcing for the right manufacturers, suppliers, service provider, partners, and other individuals that will be required to execute business feasibility, a game plan for your online business presence.


  • Aside from Eireen Diokno-Bernardo as your project control and head consultant, you will elect a buddy or partner you trust, situated or residing in the Philippines. The buddy/partner you will elect will also participate in the required trainings of Ecom102 Fast Track.
  • If you do not elect to have a Philippine counter-part, E-commerce102 may provide you with your outsource virtual assistant based in the Philippine.
  • The program is simultaneous with  Fast Track modules but with scheduled one on one sessions with Eireen Diokno Bernardo, for business planning,  price feasibility, capital analysis, layout of applicable strategies, testing, analytic evaluations, targets and objectives, cash flow, return of investment schedules, and other specific prerequisite, depending on the business idea to be put online.
  • Structure 102 is a program customized to develop your own online business idea, in partnership with Eireen Diokno Bernardo and the whole Ecommerce102 network.



A Free Consultation for the Structure 102 Program from April 14 to April 19, by appointment around Manhattan or via skype.

Note: There will be a FEE of $48/hour for Structure 102 Program Consultation and other e-commerce concerns from April 25 onwards by appointment via skype.



Option 1 – Participation Fee:   $1,288 April 12 sign-up.

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Option 2 – Participation Fee:   $1,388 April 13 to April 19

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Option 3 – Participation Fee:  45 days term

Reservation Fee: $488
1st Schedule 15th: $388
2nd Schedule 30th: $388
3rd Schedule 45th: $388

Total ——————–——————-————-————-$1,652

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